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Revolutionizing remote viewing in India

UK's leading remote viewing product now in the world's biggest market, India.

Our Mission

Future ready remote viewing 

iView360 brings you the future of property exploration with our state-of-the-art technology powered by Vieweet360. We specialize in creating stunning immersive 360° virtual tours, digital twins, 3D models and floor plans that transport you right into the heart of the captured properties.

Virtual tours

Feel every corner, experience every space

Revolutionize your business and boost sales with our effortless virtual tour generation. At iView360, we empower businesses to create captivating digital experiences that drive results.

Easily create immersive tours that showcase your offerings in stunning detail.

Engage, inspire, and convert customers with our powerful visual storytelling.

Elevate your business with iView360 and watch sales soar.

Industry Samples

Remote viewing can increase the reach for a lot of new properties, with our technology people can visit your property while not physically being there.


Excellent for parents and students wanting to lean more about the space they'll be studying in. Schools and universities can digitise their spaces to market to potential customers.



Make a virtual walk in tour with us to create an immersive experience for buyers.

Wellness Centres

Visit a wellness centre and go through their space to feel what it's like to actually be there. This is a great way for people to look at the space before committing to it.



Take a 360-degree tour of any location, from the comfort of your own couch. This is perfect for people who are planning to visit a showroom and go through the showroom's catalogue of cars.



With iView360, they can take a 360-degree tour of your hotel, from the comfort of their own home. This is perfect for people who are planning a trip and want to get a feel for your hotel before they go.


The Best Virtual Tours in the Industry

Virtual Staging

iView360 is a tech company specializing in virtual staging of properties. With our services, you can bring staging to life with 3D photo-realistic furniture that instantly adds to the value and appeal of any property.

Virtual Staging

Our technology creates precise digital replicas of real properties that can be fully customized to your liking. From adjusting layouts to selecting personalized finishes, our digital twins offer limitless possibilities to bring your dream property to life. Experience the power of customization and elevate your property marketing with iView360. Embrace a new level of personalization that captures the imagination of buyers and sets you apart from the competition.

Sales and customer experience enhancement

With the power of immersive 3D experiences, your audience can explore your business from the comfort of their own screens. From jaw-dropping virtual showrooms to mind-blowing virtual property tours, we bring your offerings to life in stunning detail. We digitise your entire space and give you a solution to give the customer's a very personal and immersive experience right on their preferred device.

This unhooks your business from it's geographical bounds and increases the scope of your market!


Meet the team behind Vieweet360, an industry leader in the UK and aiming to bring their expertise and technology to the Indian market.


Marc Haguenauer

Marc spent 18 years in investment banking in Hong Kong, Paris and London. He specialised in structured debt (ABS), which makes Marc very knowledgeable on mortgage and insurance-related subjects.


Elena Torianni

Elena joined VVA in February 2016 after her Master in Chemical and Sustainable Processes Engineering. She's a product-focused person, passionate about innovation, technology and building impactful and sustainable products.

CS and Marketing Manager

Ola Mohammed

Ola joined VVA in December 2022 after completing her degree in Psychology. She enjoys creating engaging and informative marketing content, maintaining positive client relations, and analysing data. She enjoys putting a touch of creativity into everything she does.

Tech Team

Our in-house experienced tech team is a dynamic force behind the continuous innovation and refinement of the Vieweet software. With years of expertise, they meticulously craft and enhance the platform, elevating its capabilities and user experience to new heights.

Experience iView360 now

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Our team consists of veterans with decades of experience across industries leading a team of young and talented individuals.


Opening up the Indian space to remote viewing is the way forward and this team is here to make it a reality.


Sumit Banga

Sumit Banga, the visionary CEO of iView360, boasts an impressive three-decade journey in the real estate realm. His profound expertise in interior design and logistics, coupled with his versatile acumen and entrepreneurial prowess, fuels iView360's ascent to new horizons.


Sanjev Kainth

Sanjev Kainth, iView360's adept CFO, is a Chartered Accountant and Tax Adviser, delivering bespoke accounting solutions. His expertise caters to a wide range of clients, from healthcare professionals to retail and property management. Sanjev's financial acumen propels iView360's growth with precision.

India Project Head

Uday Taneja

A college fresher who has dabbled in various industries such as F&B, hospitality, healthcare and technology around the globe, Uday brings his young and innovative take on the management and operations of iView360.

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