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Educational Institutions

Enhanced Virtual Campus Tours

iView360 offers schools the opportunity to provide immersive virtual campus tours. Prospective students and their families can explore facilities, classrooms, and amenities remotely, gaining an authentic feel for the campus atmosphere.


This fosters engagement and helps in making well-informed enrollment decisions.

Enhanced Marketing

By using iView360, schools can create high-quality marketing materials that showcase their facilities and programs. These materials can be used to attract new students and promote the school to a wider audience. Additionally, iView360's analytics tools can help schools track engagement and measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

Virtual Staging

iView360 offers virtual staging capabilities, allowing schools to digitally furnish and decorate their spaces. This feature helps schools present their facilities in an appealing and inviting way, giving viewers a better idea of how the spaces can be utilized.

Supaksha Early Learning Pre-School, Vasant Kunj, Delhi

Live and breathe in the space, view our Case Study 

Sri Ram wonder years, Rohini, Delhi

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